Our Early Childhood Education Program

St. Benedict Catholic School is an accredited Pre-K-8 Catholic school. Our community strives to emulate and embody the spirit of St. Benedict, by opening our hearts to God.

The St. Benedict Catholic Preschool Program offers many opportunities for children to develop social and academic skills. The emphasis of the program is not only on content and school readiness, but also on the process of learning. The program offers a safe, developmentally appropriate education environment, instilling Christian values to assist in the framework of a well-rounded individual child.

Our curriculum is academically structured as required by the State of Ohio, while also allowing for varying ability levels and different learning styles. Theme Based learning centers in the classroom allow students to manipulate materials, encouraging for the development of important basic concepts.

Our faith is fundamental to our school mission. Preschool students attend Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori approach to faith formation. We believe that God and the child have a unique relationship with one another and the growth of this relationship should be assisted by adults, but is directed by the Spirit of God within the child.