Music, Art and Technology

Creative Spaces

While many schools are making cuts to their arts and music programs, St. Benedict continues to invest in these important opportunities for our students. We believe that children thrive in a creative spaces and are immersed in all modes of creativity – drawing, music, building, technology, performance – and are encouraged to foster their ideas.


The presence of technology in the classroom is embedded through out the curriculum. Technology is viewed as a tool for critical thinking, academic practice and creativity and is never used a substitution for learning.


Our music class delves deeper into theory, appreciation, and even touches on history, math and literature. From clapping rhythms to the identification of instruments, to music’s ability to tell a story, music takes students to other places, time periods and cultures.

Instrumental Music

Our Instrumental Music program serves as another in school elective. Students can choose from Brass, Woodwind, or Percussion Instruments.  These students also perform in school concerts and are offered to students in grades 4-8.


We also offer Choir as an in school elective for students in grades 4-8. Students opting for choir perform in annual concerts and often sing during school Masses.


In recent years, Mrs. Vercellotti has implemented a STEAM class to work side by side with a more traditional art class. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). In this class, students are encouraged to problem solve, work as teams and build beautiful creations.

Visual Arts

The visual arts at St. Benedict teaches students the fundamentals of art and welcomes creativity. Students learn about styles, artists and time periods. Students are encouraged to both emulate great artists and create their own original art pieces.

Performing Arts

St Benedict offers performing arts opportunities with Drama Club and school plays. Currently, these opportunities primarily exist after school, but students are also given many opportunities to “perform” in the classroom. From our Saints and Living History projects, to science fair and Mass readings, we work with students to feel comfortable speaking in and out of the spotlight.