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Clue #1. The Plot.

Carmen Sandiego is the world’s greatest thief and the leader of V.I.L.E. She is a very intelligent mastermind who steals for the challenge and the chase! She works with several henchmen to steal monuments, artifacts and even famous landmarks.
We have intel that she is plotting her next big heist and your job is to figure out her next move! Headquarters will continue to give you all the evidence and data we can find along the way, but its up to you to figure out which henchmen she is working with, what they are stealing and where they are going. We have narrowed it down to the following 10 possible accomplices and have learned some of their occupations:
1. Scar Graynolt
2. Paige Turner – Historian
3. Buggs Zapper – Pest Control
4. Baron Wasteland
5. Contessa – Fashion Icon
6. Jacqueline Hyde – Scientist
7. Patty Larceny
8. Sir Vile – Knight
9. Vic the Slick
10. Chips Motherboard – Programmer
We know Carmen Sandiego moves fast, so we need to quickly narrow down the suspect, location and the loot.

Clue #2. The Loot

We have received word from Interpol that there is a lot of chatter about possible targets that Carmen Sandiego is planning to steal in her next big heist.  We have it narrowed down to the following 12 possible items:
  1. Hudson Bay
  2. Aztec Temple
  3. Eiffel Tower
  4. Kathmandu Abominable Snowman
  5. Grand Canyon
  6. Gandhi’s Glasses
  7. Statue of Liberty’s Torch
  8. The Great Pyramid Plans
  9. The Chandelier from the Sydney Opera House
  10. All the Tea in China
  11. Pizarro’s Sword
  12. The Crown Jewels

Your first step is to figure out where each of these items is located. We have reason to believe that the loot will not be stolen from a location that is a well-known home to marsupials, after Carmen Sandiego recently told an informant she does not trust kangaroos because they are “too jumpy”. A witness also saw her exchange her Yuan Renminbi currency last week, saying she “won’t be needing this for a long time”. Hopefully this information can help you eliminate some possibilities, but we will still keep security on high alert for each of these items. Good Luck!

Clue 3. The Location

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Carmen Sandiego never stays in the same city with her loot, so we know to expect her to be on the move. After speaking to the V.I.L.E. travel agency, we know that she plans to take her stolen item to one of the following locations:

  1. Montreal
  2. Mexico City
  3. Paris
  4. Kathmandu
  5. Arizona
  6. New Delhi
  7. New York
  8. Cairo
  9. Sydney
  10. Beijing
  11. Lima
  12. London

We have contacted agents in each city and told them to be on the lookout. We have extra security in all French speaking cities, but that heightened security has been leaked to the V.I.L.E network, so we do not believe she will head to any of those cities. A witness also overheard Carmen Sandiego saying she did not like “Big Apples”, so either that is a clue or she only eats tiny apples. You are the detective, so we need you to you decide!

Clue 4. The Henchmen

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We have completed the suspect dossiers to help you identify the culprit helping Carmen Sandiego:

Scar Graynolt – Male – Red Hair – Gray Eyes – Folk Guitarist

Paige Turner – Female – Blonde Hair – Green Eyes – Historian

Buggs Zapper – Male – Red Hair – Green Eyes – Pest Control

Baron Wasteland – Male – Brown Hair – Brown Eyes – Oil Tycoon

Contessa – Female – Brown Hair – Brown Eyes – Fashion Icon

Jacqueline Hyde – Female – Red Hair – Blue Eyes – Scientist

Patty Larceny – Female – Blonde Hair – Brown Eyes – Student

Sir Vile – Male – Blonde Hair – Blue Eyes – Knight

Vic the Slick – Male – Brown Hair – Gray Eyes – Locksmith

Chips Motherboard – Male – Brown Hair – Green Eyes – Programmer

A witness told our agents that they overheard the suspect on a plane saying they loved movies, but didn’t care for reading. The suspect also revealed that they cannot swim, so do not think the loot will be a body of water. We have also learned that Carmen Sandiego does not care for loud clocks and will not be returning to the city with Big Ben for her final location. We will continue keep you apprised of what we learn at HQ, but for now, keep up the good work Detective!

Clue 5. The Informant

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Breaking News! One of Carmen Sandiego’s V.I.L.E. Henchmen has been caught and has agreed to help us in exchange for protection. This person told us that the loot in the country with the largest Catholic population in North America is not the target and that Carmen Sandiego won’t be heading to the Nile for her final location.

Due to the extreme security, we can not reveal his or her name, but we can tell you we were able to arrest them at a Folk Music Festival.

Clue 6. The Witness

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A witness has spotted the suspect in an airport and overheard a phone call, carrying on about how they “couldn’t find a freezer big enough for transport him, so they had to choose something else”.  The suspect also said they can’t return to the city of the Lotus Temple for their meet up location after the heist.

The witness mentioned that the suspect was a terrible dresser and smelled like pizza, but we aren’t sure how helpful that is….who doesn’t like pizza?!

Clue 7. The Chase

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The suspect has been spotted again! Our agents have tracked him, yes him, we can confirm the suspect is male!  Agents chased the suspect from Tucson to Phoenix where he jumped on a plane and we lost him. We can confirm that he was not carrying anything large when he left the state and we do not think he will be returning!  Keep up the work and don’t let your guard down as we are finally closing in!

Clue 8. The Text

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Several texts were intercepted, and we are hoping you can make heads or tails out of these messages:

“Here’s the thing about copper, its just too heavy to move. I know it looks like part of it is made of gold, but it’s just gold plated. Underneath, just more heavy copper.”

“I wanted to go to hide out in the only country with a triangular national flag, but CS said no.”

“Some lady I didn’t even know told me I was rude and said I ‘lacked chivalry’. I only took four French fries off her plate as I walked by her table, it’s not like I ate them all!”

Clue 9. The Heist

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Alert! Alert!  We know Carmen Sandiego and the suspect have now successfully stolen the loot and are getting away!

We can also confirm from several eye-witness accounts that her henchman has dark hair, as he was spotted carrying a large bag leaping into a helicopter! Repeat, the loot can fit in a bag! Carmen Sandiego jumped into a second helicopter and does not have the loot, but we know they will be meeting in their final location.

Detective, it is up to you to figure out what was stolen, who is the henchmen and where is he going to meet Carmen Sandiego!

Clue 10. The Warrant

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We have received a warrant for the arrest of Carmen Sandiego, but we must find her first! Agents are on the scene in Asia and can confirm all the possible items are safe. We have also intercepted a call from the henchmen to his mom saying that he “had trouble opening the lock on his room…again.” She told him to keep working on his Spanish and ” Llama a tu mamá todas las noches.”

(Final) Clue 11. The Arrest

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The suspect is confirmed to be in in the Americas! He was heard bragging that felt like Arthur wielding Excalibur and that CS will be meeting him at 4:00pm Central Standard Time. He was seen carrying the bag from the helicopter and we are working to trace his smart phone, tablet, laptop, backup laptop and several private apps he designed with GPS location.

You have 4 hours to solve the case: Who is the suspect? What did they steal? Where is the location? If we can solve this, we can catch Carmen Sandiego once and for all! Good luck!

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