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School Return Plan St. Benedict School

With the guidance of the Governor of our State, the Health Department, the CDC, the Diocese of Toledo, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, we have developed a plan for the opening of our school in the fall. The plan will be updated as new information becomes available.

Our plan is to have in-person, in-school learning five days a week. We believe that this is what is best for our students both academically and socially. The backbone of our plan is increased health monitoring, cleaning procedures, and new classroom and school day procedures. While we realize that the perfect plan is impossible, we present with confidence and prayer that these procedures will mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19 on our school campus.

Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

  • Our campus will only be open to faculty, staff, and students. Parents and guardians may not be in our school building at any time during the school day. This includes dropping off your student and picking them up.
  • Each student will have a temperature check and quick health screening upon entering the building. If the student’s temperature is 100 degrees or higher, they will be sent home immediately.

Social Distancing Guidelines

  • Each classroom will have desks spaced 4 – 6 ft. apart where possible. Most of our classrooms can accommodate that type of spacing. We will adhere to social distancing in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Classes will stay together in the same space and will not mix with each other.
  • Students will have class outdoors as much as possible.
  • We will not have large indoor gatherings or field trips until further notice. We will assess the situation as it changes.

Mask Guidelines

  • All faculty and staff are required to wear a mask or other protective face covering all day.
  • All Elementary students (K-8) will need to wear masks during arrival and dismissal, when walking in the hallway, and inside the church.
  • Grades 3-8 must wear masks all day, with the exceptions of Physical Education and recess.

Handwashing Guidelines

  • Handwashing lessons and times which maintain social distancing will be built into the daily schedule of the class. Children will wash their hands with soap and water at least every two hours as recommended by the CDC.
  • In addition to handwashing, hand sanitizer will be available constantly.

Cleaning and disinfecting guidelines

  • Students’ work areas will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.
  • Common areas will be cleaned and disinfected by our maintenance staff.

Daily Procedures

Start of Day– School doors will open at 7:00am.  Every student K-8 will enter through the gym doors when they get dropped off for school. We are not allowing any parent into the school at any time during the school day. We have to be mindful of contact tracing and exposure. Therefore, a staff member will be at the gym door to do a quick temperature check for each student as they enter the building. The students will use hand sanitizer and proceed to their classrooms at 7:30. I realize that the Kindergarten class is quite a distance from the gym door. Ms. Karen or another staff member will walk the Kindergarteners to their classroom.

All Preschool students will enter the building at the Extended Day/Preschool door. A temperature check will be administered and Mrs. Bishop or Mrs. Vendemo will walk them to their classroom.

 In the classroom Each teacher will inform you of procedures that they will have in place in their classrooms. Teachers will switch classes so that the children will stay in their classrooms. For example, art, music, technology class will be in the classroom. Phys. Ed will be in the gym or outside. Middle school students will stay in their homeroom and their teacher will switch classrooms to teach them.

Lunch and Recess For the students, this is the most important part of their day! We will have  5 recess times throughout the day for children to go outside for fresh air. Each recess time will be for 2-3 classes at a time. For example, K-1 will be together for recess, 2-3 will be together, 4-5 will be together, and 6-8 will be together. Pre-school has their own recess time. Social distancing and keeping children from gathering in large groups will be enforced. Even though the children are outside with another class, the classes will not be playing together.  Masks do not need to be worn outside. Hands will be washed immediately upon entering the building from recess.

Lunch will be eaten in the classrooms. At least at the beginning of the school year, we will not be having hot lunch.

DismissalWe will be instituting a loop system for pick-ups. This will allow parents to stay in their cars. A family name tag will be given closer to the beginning of school to be displayed in your window. When it is your turn in the loop, your child will be brought to your car.  More explicit details and a map will be given before school begins.

Preschool students will be picked up at the Extended Day/Preschool door at 2:15.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if someone is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 at school?

If someone is displaying symptoms of COVID-19, whether it be faculty, staff, or student, their temperature will be taken immediately and they will be placed in a room that we have designated to be our “sick  room”. If it is a child, an adult will stay with them until a parent can come and pick them up. At that time, we would refer the person to their doctor. If a COVID test is performed, we will need verification from the doctor of a negative test before the student or faculty member would be able to return to the school.

What will happen if someone tests positive for COVID-19?

If someone tests positive for COVID-19, the established protocols will be in effect for contact tracing and quarantining. We will take the advice of our Lucas County Health Department as to how to proceed.

When can someone come back after an illness?

If a staff member or student contracts Covid-19, they must stay home 10 days from their positive test AND 3 days with no fever without fever reducing medication.

Any other illness children MUST stay home until they are  24 hours fever free WITHOUT FEVER REDUCING MEDICATION.


Welcome to St. Benedict School. We are happy you have chosen St. Benedict for the education of your children. Naturally, we hope you will be happy, too, with that decision. So let us assure you that the faculty, staff, and administration will work very hard to provide the best education possible, by using as a foundation the curriculum created by the Diocese of Toledo and approved by the Department of Education and the state of Ohio.

Parents (that’s you) are a very important part of that education process. We look to you as the primary educators of your children who will partner with us to do the best for your child.  We also have a very dedicated PTO that is always looking for more great parents!

We look forward to nurturing that partnership through academic, religious, cultural, and extra-curricular offerings at St. Benedict Catholic School.


August 20      First Day of School Grades 1-8
August 20      Kindergarten Phase-In (A-L)
August 21      Kindergarten Phase-In (M-Z)
August 24      PreK Phase -in 4 year olds
August 25      PreK Phase -in 3 year olds

2020-2021 School Plan

2020-2021 School Calendar

2020-2021 Supply List

St. Benedict Family Handbook

It is the policy of St. Benedict Catholic School that all students K – 8 wear uniforms. School uniforms have a direct bearing on discipline and creation of a desirable atmosphere for learning. Our school uniform fosters unity and pride in being a St. Benedict Catholic School student while focusing on Catholic teachings and academics. Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade are expected to follow the dress code (Preschool students are not required to wear uniforms). Respect for the dress code and neatness in dress sets a tone of serious commitment to a learning environment.   Parents/guardians are encouraged to help enforce this dress code. School uniforms can be purchased through our preferred vendor, Schoolbelles, which is located across from Elder Beerman on Secor Road. If you tell them you are from St. Benedict, they will know exactly which plaid. At the beginning of the year students may wear navy shorts (k-5) with white collared shirts or khaki shorts (6-8) with a white collared shirt. The entire dress code in included in the Family Handbook which is posted on our school’s website, and families will receive a Handbook copy at the beginning of the school year.