Thursday Thoughts from Mrs. Hartman

“…Though we are many, we are one body in union with Christ
And we are all joined to each other different parts of one body.
Romans 12:5

Family Life Groups

One of the things we celebrate at St. Benedict Catholic School is our rich diversity that makes us a complete family. Each of has different gifts that we can contribute for the good of all. We continually work on life skills and incorporating the works of mercy into our daily lives.

One way to accomplish this is through Family Life Groups. Once a month, small groups of mulit- age students meet with a staff member who is the FLG facilitator. Together, the group participates in fun, themed activities to promote cooperation, team building and respourcefulness. FLG provide an opportunity to get to know other teachers and students outside the individual grade or classroom.

Tomorrow, Friday, September 28th is our first Family Life Group meeting. We cannot wait to meet our new groups for the year!

Spirit Day

The last Friday of each month is normally a “Spirit Day”. Sometimes spirit days will coincide with a holiday or special event. The guidelines for Spirit Days are printed in the Family Handbook and as follows for your convenience:

There are days periodically throughout the year that students are permitted to be out of uniform for a variety of reasons. Students may always choose to wear traditional school uniform. In an effort to eliminate distractions to the learning environment, students who forget to dress down will not be permitted to call home after the fact. Proper attire for Spirit Day opportunities include:

• Clean, hemmed jeans or other pants in good repair with no holes and appropriate fit (no sweatpants, athletic pants, or gym shorts).
• Leggings may be worn only with a long shirt or dress.
• Any color solid or print shirt – The shirt must have sleeves, full coverage of chest, back, and midriff and no writing.
• Professionally printed St. Benedict shirts and/or sweatshirts.
• Gym shoes or school shoes with appropriate school socks.

Weather Delays and Closings

In the event of weather delays or closings, St. Benedict School will follow the Toledo Public School (TPS) announcements. St. Benedict School will not be mentioned separately. Tis the fog season, so please listen to the local news or text alerts. School will begin at 9:55 on 2-hour delay days.

A REMINDER – All volunteers must complete the Virtus on-line training entitled, Protecting God’s Children, as well as completing background checks through and signing Expectations and Standards forms. While this may seem like a lot of work just to volunteer your time, please consider this is for the safety of all children including your own! Thank you for your generosity. If you have any questions, please contact our compliance officer Liz Stieber, prior to the scheduled school event. PTO Fundraiser

We are blessed to have a supportive and active PTO. Because of activities like the Fall Fundraiser, students are provided field trips and other events free of charge to our families. This is the only fundraiser of this type for the year. Fundraiser order forms must be returned by Friday, October 5th. Your support of the PTO fundraiser is very much appreciated!

Upcoming School Events

Fri Sept. 29 SPIRT DAY
Railroad Safety Program
Oct 1-5 Camp Storer – 6th Grade trip
Mon Oct. 1 PTO Meeting – 6:30 in the Extended Day Room

PLEASE NOTE: Wed Oct. 3 Scheduled 2-Hour delay for Teacher In-Service. School doors open at 9:00am.

FINAL THOUGHT We are one body, one body in Christ…and we cannot live alone!

United in Community, in partnership with families, guided by the message of St. Benedict, God calls us to LIVE, LEARN, LOVE.

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United in Community, in partnership with families, guided by the message of St. Benedict, God calls us to LIVE, LEARN, LOVE.
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